Basic4android can run in two modes: local compilation and remote compilation.

Local compilation mode is faster and has more options such as working with the emulator, USB debugging, unattended installations and others.

You can start with remote compilation mode and later switch to local compilation mode (note that the full version only supports local compilation mode).
Windows XP and above are supported (including Windows 8). Both 32-bit and 64-bit systems are supported.
Please contact if you need any help with the installation.

Other languages: 中文
Remote compilation: In 7 minutes you will be running your own native Android application!

Install Basic4android:


Install and run B4A-Bridge on the device:

or download here. B4A-Bridge is an Android app (written in Basic4android) that allows you to connect the IDE to a physical device over the local network or Bluetooth connection. Step by step guide for your first program: (download)
Other guides and tutorials

See the video tutorial:

Installation Video
Local compilation / Full version:

Install Java JDK v7:

Note that you can have several versions of Java installed on the same computer.

Install the Android SDK and a platform:


Install and configure Basic4android:

Follow the quick tutorial for the emulator setup and a Hello World application.

Troubleshooting - Common errors

  • Windows XP - "Basic4Android.exe Application could not be initialized correctly error 0xc0000135" on startup. Basic4android requires .Net Framework 2.0 or above. Windows XP users who didn't install it before should first install the framework.