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Basic4android is the simplest and most powerful Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool available for the Android platform

User quotes

Morgan Matthews: "I downloaded the trial, completed the tutorials and purchased the Enterprise version within a few hours.
I’ve made more progress with B4A in 3 hours than I have in 3 months with other Android IDEs."

Thomas Jeryd, CarTho System: "Have been developing apps for my customer more than 3 years now. After a rough calculation over this 3 years period I made over € 100,000. B4A is indeed a super tool, me and my customers love the outcome of it!"

Alfred Schenker: "Thanks to B4A and you guys with your help I got a permanent job developing android Apps for a Company , and I sold my app (see CNC Sheet) to another company."

Robert Brenner: "Basic4android is a MUST for those who wish to create their own phone apps in virtually no time. What is more, both, product support and the online community are outstanding when it comes to helping each other."

Latest versions

B4A v3.82

B4i v1.20

B4J v2.20

B4J - 100% free dev. tool

The easy way to build cross platform applications.

B4J is a tool similar to Basic4android for development of desktop, server and web apps.